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The TheOnyx is a flexible, robust third generation automated liquid handling system, designed and built by the pioneers of robotic liquid handling automation. The robust design is apparent, lending itself to heavy use, long life and low maintenance. TheOnyx is a highly modular and flexible system for the automation of molecular biological applications with a wide range of applications in both research and development and daily lab routine. The modular design of the robot allows a fast and easy change between different applications. A wide range of different platform sizes allows TheOnyx to be configured according to the customer's application and requirements.

The system was especially developed for genomic applications, in other words, for assisting in research work designed to gain information regarding genomes of single or multi-cellular organisms. Its area of application includes molecular biological laboratories, where it assumes the task of liquid handling between individual stations as well as actual processing. The robot software has been especially developed to be closely oriented towards customer needs. The customer is able to obtain exactly the level of expertise he or she wishes to have at special training seminars. This status ranges from elementary user protocols through to self-programming of applications. For a wide range of applications Aviso offers well established protocols which can be adapted to special customer requirements.

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