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We have moved!

You will find us at our new location:

Ernst-Ruska-Ring 11

07745 Jena


Here are our new contact data.





New Distributor for Benelux

We are pleased to inform you that since 1st of July we can present a direct contact partner for the Benelux countries.

DYNC B.V. sells innovative technology for cell biology applications and offers the complete service including training.

Please visit DYNC's website for more information.





New Development: ALS MagnetPickTM adapter and slides for specific isolation of single cells with the CellCelectorTM

The new ALS MagnetPickTM adapter and slides allow for specific isolation and direct picking of single cells from suspension that have been previously enriched utilizing magnetic beads. With this innovative, patent-pending technology samples (e.g. the full content of a CellSearchTM cartidge) are loaded on the MagnetPickTM glass slides. There a magnetic field will hold the cells in place keeping their position stable for screening, detection and picking of individual single cells matching the operators screening parameters.

Please inquire for MagnetPickTM Slides and Adapter for more information.





Isolation of Circulating Tumor Cells with CellCelectorTM

Circulating tumor cells, emitted from a primary tumor into the blood stream, are vitally important for clinical diagnostics. Their determination in quality and quantity allows the control of the choosen tumor therapy as well as a prognosis of the metastasis risk.

Due to their extremely small concentration (one circulating tumor cell in 106 -108 blood cells) the cells must be concentrated and isolated before their molecular analysis.

The group of Prof. H. Neubauer has just released a new method for isolation and characterization of circulating tumor cells in their new publication "Isolation and characterization of circulating tumor cells using a novel workflow combining CellSearch and CellCelector". The CellCelector enables to isolate single tumor cells after enrichment by using the CellSearch system and to transfer it  directly into PCR tubes for downstream molecular analysis (e.g. whole genome amplification and sequencing). This method guarantees a contamination free genome analysis on single cells.



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